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September 19, 2013
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Dying! Japan x Zombie! Reader – Forever

“Watch the sun of this so grey morning
The storm that comes has the color of your eyes
Brown” – Tempo Perdido, Legião Urbana

Inertia versus rush. That’s what her life consisted of now.

In her inertia moments, she’d be like she was right now. Standing, sit, lied down, frozen in a position which in most of the times she didn’t remembered staying. She’d stared dully to her surroundings, not even absorbing any of what she saw. The only difference between day or night would be the warmth, that later became a burning sensation, on her members and face as the day went by. Nights were colder, from most of the time.

Rush periods meant hunger. It meant the scorching feeling on her throat, that would slowly crawl out until it became a moan, a grunt, a groan, a roar, a scream. Because it hurt. Her veins, stomach, her head and body, her limbs and guts, her whole being would contort under an excruciating pain, that’d slowly make her crazy, voracious. It would only cease once her teeth would come into contact with something so tender and sweet that it would bring tears into her eyes, if she knew how to cry.


The only way to make her feel human again.

During those hasted seconds of pure joy, while she was consuming flesh and bone with a stupid smile, she remembered. How it felt before. Small flashes would blind her retinas. A conversation. Perfume. Sunlight. Her pet. School. Rain. Cotton candy. Grass.

A boy.

Memories, fragments, bits of sentiments, all of them played on her mind. For a split instant, she felt a wave of disgust, and the pieces of meat and blood she was so happily chewing became bitter, under the little spaz of self-consciousness.

Her bites became slower on that fraction of second, but, soon, the feel faded away.

She was on a rush moment.

Three others were ganging up against two girls and a boy. They knocked the girls on the floor, their shouts and cries for help being drowned by the mass of arms that just kept coming towards them.

She dragged herself near the rests of the bodies, almost jumping over the rest spread on the sidewalk, until she saw.

Those frightened, expressive, undecipherable, brown hues, framed by that straight black hair triggered something in her mind. She watched him, his eyes meeting hers.

His mouth gapped in horror, tears running down his cheeks.

-[f-f/n]? – He choked on the name and she tilted her head, frowning. That sounded… Familiar.

She blinked, her expression blank.

-[f/n]? – He called again, giving a small step forward.


Why that did stop the hunger?

Why did it impede the pain from dominating her?

Why did it hurt so much in her chest?


[f/n]. It sounded as an echo of something that should never had vanished. But it did.

She observed him, stunned.

The others, however, were still in their own rush moment. They raised their heads from the previous banquet, gazing at the boy now.

Something inside her, maybe the part she felt those times, snapped. Turning herself against the others like her, she stood between the brown eyed boy and them. They grunted and she groaned back.

They fought. But they were too many and she wasn’t fast enough. But they left. She was now broken, fallen over the boy’s legs. He, bleeding profusely and breathing heavily.

She watched him once more.

-You… You protected me. – His voice was a mix of feelings: fear, surprise, pain. But, somehow, there was also tenderness.

-[f/n]. – His tone was so sad, so desperate. His face was contorting with ache. He was going to become one of them soon. –I… Looked for you… For so long… Everywhere… I… Never thought…

A sound, a word, made by the throat and pronounced by the mouth which she believed no longer could speak.

-Ki… Ku… - She said. [f/n] said.


He smiled weakly.

-H-hai. That’s me. – The boy closed his eyes, suffering written all over his features, panting.

[f/n] waited.

It wouldn’t take too long now.

[f/n] and Kiku would be together again.

Hey there! This one is for :iconlilaura152:. It was really hard, but I hope it turned out okay.


Hetalia is not mine.

You - ?

Picture found on Google.
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wow...this is's so well-written and I love it!
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Thank you! :squee: This one was quite a challenge to write, so I'm glad you liked it. ^^
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:D if you wanna know more about zombies, I could tell ya :D
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