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December 20, 2013
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“Just fall in love with me this Christmas”

Germany allowed himself to sit down, sliding through the chair and almost losing his soldier like posture completely. Christmas had been tiresome up until now, since practically nobody followed what they should be doing. Ludwig was pretty sure he had built up a nice and fun schedule, but why nobody seemed to do as they were told?

He sighed; frustrated with the smell of pasta coming from the kitchen, even if there was plenty of food available and he was sure he could hear Romano on the phone asking for pizza in a forgotten restaurant to be delivered. He was also sure that no one should had left the liquor bottle used to cook near Arthur, who had now a pirate accent and was complaining about his former colony under his breath (as usual). He got up, and left the house, hands shoveled deep inside his pockets to avoid the chilly wind.

“There's nothing else that we will need this Christmas”

He was watching the moon while considering how he should just give up and make sure Gilbert wasn’t doing anything stupid (more than the normal amount) when he felt a snow ball hit the side of his head and someone pull him down by the ankle. He was so surprised that he left himself being dragged down, hiding behind a weird pile of snow. Wait, was that a carrot?

“What?” He searched around, now with snow dripping down his hair and covering his legs. He found a very amused [f/n] looking at him, and putting a finger over her mouth to ask for silence. Ludwig waited for her to explain her actions, but she only came closer to him, on an awkward crawl, and nearly glued her lips to his ear. The German blushed at that, taking his gaze away. Still, he couldn’t stop the loud thumping of his heart.

“Won't be wrapped under a tree”

“The kids from the neighborhood are chasing each other and throwing snow balls at everything that moves. I only survived because I hid behind the amorphous thing that Alfred called a snow man.” She said and the warmth of her breath, caressing his skin so gently, made him shiver, but not quite from the cold. Germany noticed that he could see the little heads peeking over the frozen cars and bushes, ready for another attack.

Ludwig felt a small smile forming on his features. The situation was so absurd that it actually seemed fun.

“You know what we should do, frau?” He murmured, and she looked at him, expectantly.

“We should… STRIKE BACK!” He got up, with a respectable amount of snow in his hands which he quickly molded into balls, throwing them at the kids. The children promptly screamed, making new balls fly into the night’s air towards them. [f/n] stood up, laughing like a maniac while entering the metaphorical battle field, chasing the kids with a fierce fake scowl.

“I want something that lasts forever”

He didn’t mind breaking his own rules when he was with her. In fact, it seemed wonderful, somehow, rolling on the snow, while playing with a bunch of youngsters, getting himself soaked with the melting snow. And, somehow, there was a weight off his chest. It was lifted at the moment he realized her chuckles, and how he couldn’t help but to laugh along.

Maybe Christmas didn’t need any rules or schedules if she was near him.

“Cause i don't wanna be alone tonight
:iconxxtomodachixx: inspired me to write this chapter to my Christmas story. Thank you for being there, and for your always gentle comments. If you didn’t have a chimney, at least you could play outside. :XD: Continuation to my Christmas mini-series. Cute Germany is cute. I just can’t seem to have enough of this guy, just how adorable he can be. ^^

I hope you guys like it!


Hetalia is not mine.

You - :iconsexygermanplz:

Picture found on Google.

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