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“Consumed with what's to transpire” – Sex on fire, Kings of Leon

“Look, look, look!” She called tying to point at something, while tripping on a crack in the sidewalk. A silly smile took over her features as she closed her eyes, ready for a fall. “I can fly! …Ops.”

Ludwig passed his arms around her waist, bringing her closer and impeding that her face kissed the ground.

[f/n] giggled, pressing herself against his chest. He contained the impulse to let his hands wonder on her body, feeling more of her warmth.

“You’re no fun, Luddy.” She puffed her cheeks, in a fake pout.

Fun? The German asked in his mind.



Germany could show her his meaning of ‘fun’. Anytime.

And, for a short instance, he wondered how it’d feel to make that pout disappear. How it’d be if her mouth, swelled and contorted with pleasure, would be so very open to let out the screams and moans he’d drawn out of her. The very action to make her writhe beneath him.

How it’d feel-…

[f/n] hiccupped, laughing again. The chortle brought him back and he blinked, trying to focus himself into the present. The girl turned her head up, her blurred [e/c] orbs staring into his. She stretched her hand, coarsely pushing his frown away with her fingertips. The burning temperature of them, certainly warmed up by the alcohol, let his skin about to burst into flames. She grinned at his expression.

“You’re so cute, Luddy.” She slurred the words, making them drag into her tongue, stretching the sounds and swirling them around, like a piece of bubblegum.

For a brief second, he practically forgot his position, her condition, he nearly forgot everything. On that moment, he almost turned his head to bite the fingers, which she still kept near his face, and sink his mouth into her curves.

She’s drunk.


Her perfume, mixed with the scent of her own sweat and the smell of beer, provoked his nostrils, tempting him to lean forward and indulge himself into his fantasies.

In plain sight? Where everyone could see? And without her consent? He scolded himself silently, placing her in the passenger seat, closing the door and circumventing the car. As he sat down on the driver’s seat (just as farther away from her as he could, in the small space), fighting with the keys to put them into the ignition, Ludwig couldn’t help but stare at the bent over figure. [f/n] was trying to buckle her seatbelt, exposing part of her cleavage in the process.

The German held back a groan, starting the car and turning his gaze away. Resembling placing reins on a wild horse, taming his growing craves was not a simple task. Far from it, actually. Some of his internal struggle must have a transpired through his features, because the girl softly grinned, more like the sober [f/n] would do. For some reason, that made his heart pound against his ribcage.

“Are you alright?” There was some concern in her voice, though she still sounded amused.

He stole a glance from her body.


“Ja.” He answered, failing miserably on keeping his eyes away from her.

Maybe he was drunk too.

He cursed his brother under his breath.

It was all Gilbert’s fault.

It was Ludwig’s birthday on that day. Usually, he’d take the day for himself, drop the paperwork, let Feliciano be and rest. Maybe he’d take a long bath. Read a book or two. Perhaps bake something. A calm day and some peace. That was more that he could ask for.

But, apparently, his brother had other plans for him.

The German didn’t consider much of a hassle the fact he was dragged to a pub nearby. He wasn’t opposed to some fun and he certainly wasn’t opposed to the idea of drinking beer.

The only problem appeared when
she showed up.


The cause of his torments.

The owner of those [h/c] locks was the main protagonist of some questionable daydreams he was having lately. She was also the motive of his lack of sleep, the disappearing of his voice whenever she was near, and the sudden necessity of just hide himself while blushing. And, the most frequent those thoughts became, the shyer he’d be when she was around.

His life was hectic lately, and he considered those [e/c] eyes had their fair share on the matter.

So it was no surprise that, when she walked into the bar and sat beside them, he nearly choked on his own drink. The girl patted his back, though her light smacks didn’t make any difference, as if she was afraid to actually hurting him with them.

How ironical. He pondered, while taking a swig of his beer, finally stopping the coughs by drowning them in the beverage.
If she only knew about what he had been imagining, involving her and a riding crop, maybe she wouldn’t be that soft. He added ominously inside his head.

Ludwig forced himself to pay attention to his surroundings and ignore the dangerous ideas that were out to play in his mind. It took a while.

Currently, [f/n] was listening to a very long story that had Gilbert’s monstrous ego spread all over it. He was actually impressed she was actually listening to it, though she did make some sarcastic comments every now and then.

That was one of the many things he admired in her.

[f/n] was a good person, despite all she had been through.

His ears burned in embarrassment while remembering his last thoughts about her. A profusion of images of the girl played behind his eyelids, unwanted, but nerveless tempting. [f/n] blushing. Crawling towards him, her half lidded eyes burning into his. Shivering under his touch.

Moaning his name, again and again, until-…


She was too good for him.

He sighed, breaking his trance with difficulty, the constant threat of losing himself into the maze of dreams he created while awake.

Ludwig only realized much later that the others, mainly his brother, had convinced the girl to enter a drinking competition with them (which consisted in the friends of his brother, Feliciano and Kiku). It was too late for him intervene, so he let things take their course.

(Time skip)

She lasted longer than he thought she would. But she wasn’t much different of his idiotic drunken friends, which soon started to sing along with the karaoke machine in the corner of the bar. He was betting with himself how long it’d take until every single person in the room became deaf due to the high pitched noises they were making. But he never imagined Kiku would be a soprano.

Despite all this, he decided it was time to drag [f/n] back to her house, even if it was just for the sake of avoiding she’d get an even bigger headache in the following morning. It wasn’t an easy task, since the girl wasn’t too fond of the idea of leaving the pub.

“…No, I don’t want to go…” She complained, seeming devastated, but giggling at the same time.

He sighed.

“Either laugh or complain, frau. And I’ll treat you something good later, alright?” He said, starting the difficult mission to make her walk in a straight line.

For a moment, Ludwig could swear he saw a malicious, almost victorious look in her eyes. It made a shiver crawl down his spine, in a thrilling, yet alarming, way. But it was gone before he could consider any further what it could possibly mean. There was only a goofy [f/n] gazing at him.

“Okay.” She agreed, much like a child.

He nodded in agreement, left to wonder how he’d take her to his car. And some other things.

While remembering the previous happenings of the night, the German failed to notice that [f/n]’s fingers were working on the button in the sleeve of his shirt. Her nails scraped in the flesh of the internal part of his wrist.

He sucked the air between his teeth, surprised, his hand wavering slightly in the steering wheel.

“[f-f/n]?” He sounded shocked. And he was.

Don’t push your luck. He added in his mind. She reached his clothed shoulder, tracing small circles with her digits, her lips coming closer to his neck.

“You sound surprised, Luddy.” She practically purred.

Oh, we’ll see if you’ll purr when I-

Drunk. She’s drunk. He painfully reminded himself, groaning.

“Keep your hands to yourself.” That was more of an advice and an order to himself, than a harsh comment directed to her. But if he needed to be harsh so she wouldn’t regret on the morning, he would. Ludwig would never to anything to hurt her. “You’ll regret this in the morning” He repeated to himself out loud. It seemed bitter, even if he didn’t intend to be.

She chuckled in a low tone, taking his ear lobe in her grasp and playing with it.

“No, I don’t think I will.” She unbuckled her seatbelt, leaning towards him and kissing his throat,  suddenly biting him. He made a stiff turn, nearly making the car crash into a tree. She nipped the prominent muscle under her lips, running her tongue against its length. Her warm breath, a sweat scent mixed along with the beer smell, caressed his skin while she giggled once more. It was intoxicating.

He grabbed the steering wheel harder.


Her hands were busy loosening his shirt.

“Oh, don’t mind me.” She whispered in his ear. “Keep your eyes on the road.”

Ludwig grunted.

“Stop.” He warned.

But, to who was that warn directed to?




Or his desires all along?

She snickered, teasing his chest (when did she get his upper half exposed?), feeling his body. He tensed up beneath her touch. [f/n] bit his collarbone, smirking while she did.

“Someone down there seems more than pleased with everything so far, so why should I?” Her hands started to make their way down. “Now drive.”

“[f/n].” His tone was at the same time strict, but also in doubt, like he had a question to make. The girl choose to answer to the second one.

“Hm?” She nearly chirped.

It was almost painful to maintain his eyes on the suburban surroundings. His previous question was no longer there in his mind to be made, so he did the obvious comment that was tormenting him all night long.

“You’re drunk.” He swallowed almost compulsively, even if there was nothing there to be swallowed.

“Beer makes me impatience. I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time, and, besides – “ Her lips were nearly glued to his jaw. “You promised me something good.”

That sentence made several things to be triggered all at once. He wanted to close his eyes and let she have her fun. He wanted to have his fun.

But, most of all, he wanted to laugh like a madman.

[f/n] felt the same.

That was all he needed to hear.

He held her chin with one hand, bringing it up.

“Rules are meant to be followed.” He could feel a crooked smile taking over his features. “And you broke one, schatz. I was the one who promised, no?”

She nodded, her cheeks dipped in a deep scarlet tone. Maybe his face would crack in two if his grin grew any larger.

“So be a good girl. And wait until we get home.”

Impatience could be a good thing.
…Well this one was different.

The original idea came from a conversation with :iconshadowcatprime: (yes, if you give me a great idea in a comment, it’ll probably become a story. It’ll just take a while. *cough* Way longer than you think. *cough* But I’ll get there. :XD:) Germany if way too easy to mess up with. :iconhurrhurrplz: I had fun while writing this story, though I was blushing like mad. And, please, listen to the song “Sex on Fire” while reading. I was when I was writing, and I think it fits reasonably well into this one-shot.
Please, could you tell me what you think of it? (And if I need a mature content label)


Hetalia is not mine.

Picture found on Google.

You - :iconsexygermanplz:

Sequel -…
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