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March 30
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“It’s like you’re always there in the corners of my mind
I see your silhouette every time I close my eyes
There must be poison in those finger tips of yours
Cause I keep coming back again for more” – Troublemaker, Olly Murs

General Beilschmidt stared at the fire in front of him, hearing the sizzle and quiet crackles of the greenish and slightly wet wood, distinguishing the smoke it produced, the heat coming from the embers formed among it, all of those details filling his senses, but none actually reaching his comprehension. In fact, the only thing in his mind at that moment was how the hand of one particular soldier felt soft and warm; the temperature of those fingers lingering on the surface of his skin for much longer than it should, leaving it almost numb with something that was awfully similar to desire.

His cheeks burned visibly at that and he let his head hung for a little while, his chin coming closer to his camouflaged shirt. There he was, bearing feelings that were awfully similar to attraction towards he wasn’t to feel anything. He should care for his men, yes, but not in the way he did for this particular soldier. Even more, considering how she had her own secrets to hide.

[l/n] was a girl.

Not that he should possess that specific knowledge. But he did.

Once more, he felt a wave of shame wash over him when he remembered exactly how he had acquired that small piece of information. Ludwig could also sense something else contorting inside his guts when he thought about it, something he solely ignored. His brother would most likely call him a prude if he heard that. No, his brother would be way too busy laughing about how ridiculous the situation sounded to actually call him a prude.

The German didn’t know if he should curse or bless his eyes, while the vision of [l/n] played before his retinas, toying with his better judgment and control.

Probably both, he decided, at the same time he discarded that improper and dangerous thinking.

The chanting that came from one of their barracks distracted him from those considerations, though. Beilschmidt didn’t know if Nikolai was summoning the devil, or proposing to his brother, but it sure sounded like a mix of both, nearly making the place give off a strange aura, making the man have chills go down his back.

General Beilschmidt finally decided that it would be wise to look for [f/n], since if he considered the ability she had to trip on her own shadow, it was definitely a real possibility that she would end up captured before the night’s end. Feeling a little too relieved to admit it, he got up, leaving the camp with large steps, a bit too happy to leave those two brothers behind.

Ludwig had imagined that he would take a while to find her, considering that she also had a wonderful way to move around the forest, getting lost without even trying all that much. If he considered ‘trying’ the way she bumped on every single thing on the woods, tree, animal or stone. Though the animals were smarter than that and stayed out of her way. His other soldiers didn’t have that choice.

That wasn’t the case.

After a couple of meters he had walked, the sound of someone mumbling and cursing on a very familiar voice made him stop on his tracks. What he didn’t expect was that it was coming from somewhere up. He tilted his head towards the noises, discovering that [l/n] had tangled herself on a toils, succumbing to a trap that was probably there to catch a bear.

He couldn’t help but sigh.

“What have you done this time, [l/n]?”

The girl froze so comically, like a deer under a car’s lights, that he had to use all his concentration to stiffen his lips into a firm line, not letting pass the laugher he felt building up inside him. It was rather adorable in a twisted way and he held the bridge of his nose, exhaling a tad louder than he should.

“Let’s get you down.” He told her and she nodded so eagerly that he had to fight the wish to cackle again. He reached for the small knife he had on his pockets, starting to work on the rope that would let her down.

It was because of those moments that he forgot how improper those feelings were.

Not that he would ever admit to have them.

Not at all.
Oh, my, I didn’t use a Mulan song to open this chapter. XD This was fun to write (though it was so short - next chapter will be longer, okay? ^^). I always discover that I already knew how I wanted the chapter would look like, I just didn’t have any time to actually see it (time is the last thing I have right now. That’s exactly why I’m missing here. Sorry, guys.). Still, I think I already know how things will end in this series. Something like 5 or 6 chapters besides this one. Even so, we’ll have some plot twists coming. Get ready, things will get interesting.


Hetalia is not mine.

You - :icondoitsuplz:

Picture found on Google.

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You're lucky, since I'm actually working on that series. I have practically the whole chapter written in my papers, I just need to type it on my laptop. That's probably the only thing that may slow down the process, since I'm a tad slow at that. XD But I'll let you know once the chapter is out, don't worry (and, please, spare the poor duck)
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