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June 5, 2013
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That was the sound that left the girl’s lips as she tightened the piece of cloth around her chest. Dear Lord, why I am doing that again? [f/n] asked herself while fighting back involuntary tears as she pulled with a bit more strength than she should have.

Impatient knocks on the door almost made her jump.

-[L/n]! Last call! – a man yelled through the wooden door.

-Co- - the high pitched choked sound [f/n] made almost made her want to smack her head on the wall. Idiot. She cleared her throat. –Coming!

A hoarse voice was the closest thing to manly that [f/n] could get. No one complained, so it was alright.

For now.

She had entered the army for a single reason: spare her sick brother. How [B/n] squirmed once the girl told him she would take his place. He could barely breath by himself, much less held a weapon between his hands firmly, so she wouldn’t  allow him to become a moving target. Her parents were a bit reluctant at first, but eventually supported her decision, so there she was. Disguised as her brother.

But she had cried to cut her hair.

[f/n]’s [h/c] locks were her pride and joy, running as a shining cascade from her shoulders and all the way down to her waist. It was the part of herself she liked the most. The flawless point of her that, strand by strand, made its way to an unorganized pile on the floor, as soon as the accepting letter came. Each of those strings was unique, revealing a different shade of [h/c], and she loved them, because they were a symbol of all her memories. All she was leaving behind.

Enough of that.

She touched the short hair behind her neck while adjusting the black cap on her head, her now hardened [e/c] staring her from the small mirror on the cracked wall.

[F/n] finished dressing her uniform, large enough to hide her slender waist, sighing before opening the door.

Time for another day.

Their country was on the merge of a war, so every boy that could hold a gun would be called to join the armed forces. Forced, to be more precise. And, as she adjusted the leather belt, she speculated how many more of them weren’t in a similar situation to her. Maybe several were actually women.

A guy passed by her, scratching his beard while walking and then spitted very closely to her feet.

Alright, maybe not that much.

General Bieldschmidt stared at her with his ever so present frown while the soldiers stood in line. That was somehow sad, since he was a really handsome man. [f/n] wondered how he would look like if he let his slicked back hair a bit more free and smiled. The result in her mind almost stole her breath.

His eyes pierced her, looking rather angry. Her small daydream should have appeared on her face.

How embarrassing.

Feeling herself blush, she didn’t dare to gaze away from the tip of her shoes. She did that until a pair of boots much like the one she was wearing stood in front of her.

-[L/n]. What exactly are you doing?

Oh, f- …, she couldn’t even finish that mental sentence before he started yelling at her.

-What kind of lazy excuse for a soldier you are? Run for ten laps around the field until you learn to PAY ATTENTION! NOW GO!

Oh, boy. [F/n]though as her legs started moving. Run around the field meant something like two miles, perhaps more. Per lap. She sighed. It would take all morning.

As if hearing her conclusions, the general shouted behind her.

-And you better finish it in one hour!

Jesus. What did he ate that day? British scones? Nothing else could make someone in a such sore humor, first thing in the morning.

For [f/n] joy, it started to rain. The dust that her feet made fly around her became mug, and it splashed all around her.

The storm didn’t even seem to relieve the heat, the water falling just as warm as her own skin, drenching her clothes in an unpleasant way.

It was about the middle of her laps when she noticed something.

Oh, no. She thought. No, no, no, no, no, NO!

With the rain, her clothes became glued onto her body. And a bit see though. Not a lot, but enough to draw suspicious.

With the sounds of her own steps as a track of time, she ditched anyone that could be close enough to have a closer look on her, especially around her chest.

The rainfall ended as suddenly as it came and she stared furious to the sky. Why the weather had to be such a huge troll?

So an idea popped in her mind. Why not go back to the common barracks and take a shower?
(She liked her body clean, thank you very much, unlike some of the others there. That meant to take showers in odd times, when no one was there, or in a river close by – horrible way to discover you hate fishes.)

She exanimated the path. Nobody was keeping a watch at her. And pay a few more laps or listen to a full hour of screams would be much better than being caught. So…

(Germany POV)

He watched as [B/n] ran around the field. Lately Ludwig had been strangely conscious whenever he appeared anywhere near the German. From his androgynous (almost too delicate) face to his vivid and challenging [e/c] eyes, Germany found himself searching for the [h/c] head among his soldiers when he had time between his orders.

That alone worried him a little, since he felt the young boy could almost be a little brother to him, and he couldn’t be attached to his man. As if to not be unfair to the others, he always assured he would be as strict to him as he would be to the others, maybe a bit more.

But the little guy would always do his best within his limits. That made Ludwig slightly proud, even if he wouldn’t admit that even under threat.  

So when he saw [l/n] getting out of the track and going to the showers, Ludwig felt himself disappointed and angry. And so he went to the barrack a few minutes after [b/n] entered there.

The sound from the water falling muffled his steps. The light humming of a feminine voice also helped.

The what?

In the farthest shower, there was a short haired [h/c] girl.

[l/n] was a… Girl?

She sang, almost whispered, a children’s lullaby in such a gentle way that he froze for a moment, just hearing the softs sounds she made. Then his face began to burn, so he left the place the quickest he could.

Ludwig leaned against the outside wall, still humid from the rain, panting. What had he just seen?

Life is about to get a lot more complicated. He though, while feeling his heart beat out of pace in his chest.

Maybe he didn’t saw [l/n] as a younger brother after all.
Alright, when I first saw the request my reaction was “OH, YES!”. That gave me a very good excuse to mess with my favorite German and to put a few ideas I had running around my head in order. I do hope you enjoy it, ~YowaneHaku5. I tried my best to make this. Comments, compliments, critiques. Anything you want to say is much welcomed. I’ll finish the others as soon as I can. Thank you all for reading it. ^-^

I don’t own Hetalia.

The blushing German do owns you, though. XD

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